Online English to Japanese symbol dictionary for Christian.

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English to Japanese dictionary for Christian. Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana symbols.

  Palm Sunday  
  Paradise (Rakuen)  
  Paradise Lost (Shiturakuen)  
  Paradise Regained (Fukurakuen)  
  Pastor (Bokusi)  
  Paul (Pauro or Pouru)  
  Peace (Heiwa)  
  Pentateuch (Mouse gosyo)  
  Pentecost (Seireikourin)  
  Pentecostal (Seireiha)  
  Peter (Petoro or Piitaa)  
  Philip (Pyiripo or Pyirippu)  
  pilgrim (Jyunrei)  
  Pope (Kyoukou)  
  Powers (Angel) (Noutenshi)  
  Prayer (Inori)  
  Pride (Kouman)  
  Primum Mobile (Gendouten)  
  Principalities (Angel) (Gontenshi)  
  Prophet (Yogensya)  
  Protestant (Purotesutanto)  
  Prudence (Shinchou)  
  Pseudepigraphy (Giten)  
Index of Japanese Symbols Dictionary for Christian
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